Our Products:

   Hull and Machinery Insurance
        ・Tugs and Barges
   Marine Cargo Insurance
        ・Consequential Loss
        ・Owners Legal Liability
   Shipbuilders’ Risk Insurance
   Loss of Hire Insurance
        ・Delay Cover
   Containers Insurance
   Protection and Indemnity Insurance
   Time Charterer’s Liability Insurance
   Shiprepairers’ Liability Insurance
   Marine Liability Insurance
        ・Freight Forwarders’ Liability
        ・Terminal Operators’ Liability
        ・Errors and Omission Liability


Claims are the soul of insurance. Without claims, insurance has no value for its existence. Claim is another area, of
which, after a comprehensive and competitive program has been arranged that you can really experience the
professionalism of a broker you have employed. We are one of the very few marine brokers that enjoy a renowned
reputation in handling claims in a professional manner. We are also proud of our speed and efficiency in collecting
claims. To handle claims in a professional manner, we equip ourselves with the knowledge on the insurance products
we marketed, on the interests insured and maintain a good communication with the insurance companies. According
to our experience, not every claim is straight forward and clean cut. A broker’s capability to handle claims is of vital
importance to protect your interests.

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