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Our Control

We are proud to have employed a secure and efficient computer system in our office, especially the bespoke specialist marine
software that is able to deal with multiple languages, multi-currency, multi-vessel and multi-rate placements at the same time
(essential for marine insurance). The software also deals with required clients and management accounting; including cash-flow,
accounts receivables and payables, accounts aging, underwriters and client balances and consolidated Profit & Loss Accounts
and Balance Sheet. The system favours us in the compliance of the stringent requirements of Insurance Ordinance of Hong Kong
regarding keeping proper accounting books and records and separate clients’ accounts. According to our research, we are one
of the very few marine brokers if not the only one, employing a computer system capable of being a client’s and underwriter’s
database, policy documents processing and administration, and full sets accounting.

By assigning different authority levels, internal checking and control over the use of new underwriters, background of new clients,
reverse of the debit and credit entries and premium in and out record, action can be properly executed. We believe proper
control works to be ultimate benefits to us as broker, to underwriters and most important to our valuable clients.

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